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Virtual Assistants

If you’re looking for a highly qualified, knowledgeable Virtual Assistant
for your business, look no further than StartVirtual.

Our Services

Reach Customers Globally

Whether you are targeting local or international customers, be assured that our team has the capability to support you. Our Virtual Assistants are experts in their fields and are passionate to help you gain and maintain clients anywhere in the world.

Let our trained Virtual Assistants provide the help your ambition requires.

Make Your Business Efficient.

We offer virtual solutions for modern business. Regardless of the current size of your business or your wildest future ambitions, we can provide the perfect team members to help you scale, reduce your workload, or put your business on autopilot.

Customer Service

A trained Virtual Assistant can help you better manage customers before, during and after a purchase.

Appointment Setting

Don’t waste time setting and confirming your own appointments. This is a job better handed off so you can focus on closing leads.

Lead Generation

Set up a conveyor belt of leads with one or multiple Virtual Assistants who can do repetitive tasks for you like clockwork.


Pass off all of your receipts and expenses to a proven expert who can help you manage this pesky task.

Admin Tasks

Got other work you truly despise? Why not hire someone to tackle these minor tasks for you?

Outbound Sales

No one can proactively complete repetitive tasks like a Virtual Assistant. Allow someone else to laser focus on bringing you warm leads.

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We’re trusted by some of the biggest companies.

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