5 Tips For Handling Rude Seller Calls

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As a business owner, you know that you can’t please everyone. There will always be customers who are rude and disrespectful, no matter what you do. It’s important to have a plan in place for how to handle these situations when they arise, you can’t just drop your customer service agents in the deep end and hope they can swim. 

So today, we will discuss 5 tips for handling rude client calls. Follow these tips and your customer service agents will be able to handle any situation with grace and professionalism!

Set Your Standards

The first and most important tip is to set your standards. You need to decide what behavior is and is not acceptable from your customers and make sure your team is on the same page. This will help them know how to handle situations when they arise. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some questions to ask yourself:

– What language is and is not acceptable?

– How should customers be treated?

– What are the consequences of breaking the rules?

Once you have your standards set, make sure your team knows them inside and out. This way, they’ll be able to handle any situation that comes up.

Always Stay Calm

It can be difficult to stay calm, especially when someone is being rude and disrespectful, but it’s important to remember that the customer is not attacking you personally. They may be having a bad day or they may be upset about something else entirely. Whatever the reason, it’s important to stay calm and professional. 

Understanding or knowing why they’re being difficult or rude is by no means an excuse for their behavior, but figuring it out may help you look at it from a different perspective, detaching just enough or understanding just enough to be able to handle the situation and clear the air.

This way, you can diffuse the situation and hopefully resolve it to everyone’s satisfaction.

Have a Straightforward Conversation About It

The best way to handle a rude customer is to have a straightforward, honest conversation with them. This doesn’t mean you have to be confrontational, but you do need to let them know that their behavior is not acceptable. 

Be graceful and professional in your delivery, and try to understand where they’re coming from. 

With a little luck, you’ll be able to resolve the situation with no casualties or losses. And here’s the thing, after straightening up the situation and clearing the air, you may just turn that customer into one of your most loyal customers. This doesn’t have to be super confrontational or anything, and you won’t even lose them. 

Get Creative with Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for dealing with rude customers, that’s the truth of it, as disappointing as it may seem. so you’ll have to get creative in finding a way to diffuse the situation. 

This may mean offering them a discount or giving them something for free. It may also mean going above and beyond to make sure they’re happy with your product or service. 

Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that will diffuse the situation and resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

Know Where to Draw the Line and Let Them Go

There will be some customers who are just impossible to please, no matter what you do. In these cases, it’s important to know when to cut your losses and let them go. 

It’s not worth your time or energy to try and please someone who is never going to be happy, so don’t waste your time on them. 

Instead, focus on the customers who are appreciative of your efforts and are more likely to give you repeat business.

We hope you found these tips helpful! Remember, dealing with rude customers is never easy, but it’s a part of doing business. But, just because it needs to be done doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. 

Handling customers, talking to them, helping them with their issues, and prospecting for new clients or cold calling, are all things that are crucial for your business, but again, they don’t have to be done specifically by you.

Saving time and optimizing processes, including your customer service, can put you ahead of most of your competitors. One way to do so would be by hiring virtual assistants.

We can help with that, our goal has always been to set up systems and processes that turn your vision into a reality all through the use of virtual assistants. You need someone to take care of all that grunt work you need to do? Cold calling or prospecting for new clients? Do your market research for you? Handle customers? A VA can help with all this and a lot more.

We understand that your business may have specific needs so something as general as “hiring a VA” without any in-depth info can be a major investment and you need to know that you can count on us. So, how about we talk a little to make sure we understand your needs and can serve you with the right fit?

And hey, our VAs come with a Free Forever guarantee, if your VA quits or leaves we just plug someone in with no trouble to you. We even compensate you for any trouble it may have caused. There’s quite literally, nothing to lose.

So, reach out & let’s talk about how we can best serve you.

Don’t be a stranger!

Cody Barton

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