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Real Estate

Cold Calling & Admin Work

Starting at 30 hours per week


Automated Lead Generation


Proven Cold Calling Scripts


Ongoing CSM Feedback


Lead Nurture & Admin Work

Starting at 40 hours per week


Automatic Lead Generation


Social Media Management


Recruitment Pipeline

Book keeping

Personal Income Assistant

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Organized Bulk Receipts


Personal Income Assistant


Report Assessments

Why do work that would be better handed off?

At StartVirtual, we provide Virtual Assistants to help automate your business, so you can focus on the things you do best.

A StartVirtual Assistant Lets You…

Focus on Money Making Activities

Delegate the items on your calendar that take up the most time and don’t move the needle.

Get Your Time Back

Proper delegation of the important tasks in your business leads to even more time you can spend on things that give you the most energy.

Hand Off Tasks to Capable Help

Hand off the menial time consuming tasks to someone who can get it done right the first time.

Accelerate Growth

Cut the time it takes to scale your organization by hiring great people that will get the job done.

Lead From The Front

Move from the do-er of all things or operator to true ownership leading your virtual teams to success.

Focus on Important, Not Just Hire Rockstars Predictability

Remove the guess work in hiring capable and highly skilled people by using a proven system.

Eliminate Decision Fatigue

Small tasks not only take time but also lead to business owners having to make even more decisions on a daily basis.

Generate Even More Money

By implementing a system based around delegation and elimination your business will be even more efficient.