Services Offered

StartVirtual offers call center services customized for all your business needs

Appointment Setting

Outsourcing lead generation tasks is also like getting your own secretary. Virtual assistants can schedule all your appointments for you so you can focus your energy on meeting potential clients all the way through closing a deal.

Email Marketing

Checking email is a time waster for most business owners. With a virtual assistant, you’ll have someone to handle your emails so that you can focus on the more productive tasks. You can also ask them to sort promotional emails on your inbox based on the wanted and unwanted ones.

Lead Generation

Outsourcing sales and lead management tasks to a virtual assistant can be an excellent solution for professionals looking for ways to simplify the sales process and turn them into positive results.

Customer Service

Customer experience should remain a top priority for businesses that hire remote employees or virtual assistants. An experienced VA can step into this task to listen in on calls and provide feedback. After establishing the metrics, the team can then improve on the quality and level of professionalism to improve the sales process in its entirety.

Admin Tasks

Your admin staff serves as the backbone for your operations. If you can’t handle the important business-critical tasks, what makes you think that you can handle the prospecting and sales tasks flawlessly? Without the help of a suitable virtual assistant working remotely, it would be nearly impossible to juggle the tasks you need to complete in your real estate business within the set deadlines.


Your VA can handle detail management including virtual bookkeeping, payroll and processing important documents. They can organize some aspects of your company such as expenses and billing. They can take information from accounts payable, invoices, and emails to create the financial records the company needs.

Data Management

Any salesperson will tell you that sales don’t usually happen on the first call. In actuality, the sale generally takes place around call 6 or 7. With this in mind, why not have a VA keep track and consistently follow up with contacts for you? This way, you can focus on working on your business and not working in your business.

CRM Management

In order to grow your business and leverage the existing relationships you have with clients, you need a good client success program. A key component in building this up is to have a team that applies only the most efficient practices in the virtual assistant industry tailored to your business processes.

Combination Services

Virtual assistants are great at managing paid online tools regularly used in the business. They create an account, take note of passwords, take care of renewing subscriptions, and other administrative tasks related to maintaining these tools. It's taking one for the team so the rest can work without having to worry about these little details.