Which Tasks Should You Automate & Which Should You Delegate

There comes a time in every business owner’s journey when they must ask themselves the question: what should be automated, and what should be delegated? This is not an easy question to answer, but it is an important one. Automating and delegating tasks can help you save time & focus on what’s important to you. 

So, today, we will discuss the difference between automating business tasks & delegating them. 

We will then go into a short list of tasks that should be automated, and another short list of tasks that should be delegated. Sounds good? Well, let’s dive in then!

What’s The Difference Anyway?

What do we mean when we say automating tasks? This simply means using technology to automate a task that would normally be done manually. For example, you can use an automation tool to send out automatic emails, or post to social media on your behalf. 

Delegating tasks, not to be confused with outsourcing them on the other hand, means giving someone else the responsibility of completing a task for you. This could be hiring a Virtual Assistant to handle your customer service or delegating tasks to employees. 

So, now that we know the difference between automating and delegating, let’s take a look at some tasks that should be automated.

What You Should Automate:

– Finances: 

Automating your finances can include using accounting software to track your expenses, or setting up automatic bill payments.

– Social media: 

Automating your social media can help you save time by scheduling posts in advance, or using an automation tool to post on your behalf. 

– Email marketing: 

Automating your email marketing can help you stay in touch with your customers and prospects, without having to manually send out each email. 

– Customer service: 

Automating your customer service can help you save time by setting up automatic responses to common questions, or using a chatbot to handle customer inquiries.

These are just a few examples of tasks that can be automated. Of course, there are many more, but we’ll leave that for another day. 

What You Should Delegate:

– Time-consuming tasks: 

The dreaded grunt work. Nobody likes doing it, yet it has to be done. 

Delegating time-consuming tasks can help you save time and energy. For example, instead of spending hours researching a topic, you could delegate the task to someone else. 

– Tasks that are outside of your expertise: 

If you don’t know how to do it, it’s best you let someone else handle it. Pretty simple rule to live by.

Delegating tasks that are outside of your expertise can help you focus on what’s important to you. For example, if you’re not a marketing expert, you could delegate the task of creating a marketing plan to someone else. 

– Tasks that are low-priority: 

This goes without saying, but it’s important to reaffirm your basics.

Delegating tasks that are low-priority can help you focus on what’s important to you. For example, if you have a low-priority task that can be delegated, do so! This will free up your time to focus on more important tasks.

Delegating can help you focus on what’s important to you while automating can help with time management by using technology. Automating your finances, social media, email marketing & customer service can save you time while delegating tasks like research or marketing plans can help you focus on your business goals. 

Tasks like following up with your customers, and prospecting for new clients can be too time-consuming that it’s probably best if you let a dedicated professional handle it all for you, while you can just focus on closing deals, growing your business, and making money.

If you find that all your current employees have their work cut out for them and can’t spare the time to handle such tasks, why not outsource instead?

Hiring a virtual assistant could take a tremendous load off your shoulders and that of your employees, it also frees them up to handle more useful tasks, or tasks that will help them grow which will ultimately help YOUR business grow as well, you’re investing in your people as much as you’re investing in your business, right?

We can help take care of all that for you, plug a virtual assistant right into your business structure and they can work their magic handling all this grunt work for you. The best part is, all our VAs come with a Free Forever guarantee: If they end up leaving for ANY reason, we simply get you another one, no hassle, no time wasted. If their departure causes any issues, guess what? You can get compensated for it! 

There’s literally nothing to lose, but all there is to gain. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a discovery call with us today and let’s talk about how we can help you with all that stuff. 

Cody Barton

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