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Getting started is easy. Your dedicated bookkeeper will introduce themselves and get an understanding of how your business operates. They’ll then customize our bookkeeping approach to fit your business needs.

Daily Bookkeeping

At the beginning of each business day, your team will gather up any necessary financial documentation, categorize all your business transactions, create journal entries, and reconcile all the accounts.

Monthly Reporting

Once your books are complete, everything is double-checked. Then we’ll deliver your monthly financial reports. Our straight forward reports allow you to keep a constant pulse on the health of your business.

If You’ve Ever Tried to Do Your Own Bookkeeping, You’ve Probably Experienced the Following...

Unsure of where to even begin...

Difficulty understanding Quickbooks...

Problems recording basic transactions...

Wasting hours on things that also drain energy...

But here's the good news...

At StartVirtual, we do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on closing sales, growing your business, and stop doing work that would be better handed off!

You show me one scaled real estate investor in the country who doesn’t have a VA, and I will show you a liar. StartVirtual is the key to scaling your business.

Pace Morby


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

See what our clients say...

Kinell has been a lifesaver for me and my business! You never realize how badly you need a bookkeeper until you hire a bookkeeper! She patiently, and expertly went through all of my books to get everything in the proper order so that I could see what was happening. Definitely worth every penny!
Jody Prall
JEP Investing
Having great books is something every company needs, especially if you have quite a few transactions each week like we do in our fix/flip company. It has really kept everything very organized and given me clarity on the overall health of our business. There is always great communication and they're always on top of any questions I may have. I highly recommend StartVirtual!
Ryan Munday
Synrgy Developments LLC
As a Subto and Profit First student, I wanted to make sure I partnered with a bookkeeping company that understood the real estate industry and profit first methodology. Toni and her team at StartVirtual checked all those boxes and then some! If you want the best in the business, look no further than StartVirtual!
Michael DiGiovanni

Simple, trans­parent pricing
Pick your plan

Transactional Bookkeeping: Ideal for most small businesses that simply have payments going out and payments coming in.

Asset Based Bookkeeping: Perfect for businesses that have the needs transactional bookkeeping covers and in addition is great for companies with rentals, Airbnbs, fix and flips, and other real estate activity that involves holding onto real estate.


Most frequent questions and answers

Bookkeeping performed on a more frequent, daily basis. Start Virtual Bookkeeping handles the day-to-day bookkeeping operations for your business. We work for you or with you, front and center, categorizing transactions and posting journal entries. We reconcile, review and provide financial reports.

We perform the bookkeeping utilizing QuickBooks Online, a Cloud based software and will request documents that relate to the bookkeeping; bills, checks written, HUD statements, etc. During our daily update, we will also perform any other tasks that may be due to process; refreshing online banking activity, bank account and credit card reconciliations.

We have many clients that don’t like the idea of providing documents, if this is the case we can access the banking and credit card accounts online by having a restricted, read-only access to the accounts. This allows the bookkeeper to grab statements, look up check images, deposit records, and be able to fill in a lot of the missing details without having to ask the client for all the information. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, we will rely on you to provide all the information. You should also check with your bank, many banks these days allow for view only access where we are assigned our own login.

Google Drive is our preferred method, we also use your Dropbox.

Bookkeeping is updated daily. If you have no backlog of transactions, we will update the prior day’s activity. If you have a backlog, we will continue working on it daily.

We do not do taxes or give tax advice. If you collect W9s from your vendors, we can store them in a Vendor profile for you on your QuickBooks for easy access and record keeping.

We will not be able to do your books. Convert to QBO, everyone is doing it.

Our goal date is the 15th of each month for the prior month closing. Situations that can delay this process are open items, documents and questions that are waiting to be received in order to finish up. If we are still working on your backlog, reports will begin once that is cleared up.

Yes! We ready the books for your tax people. Your CPA can also have their own invite to your QuickBooks Online account so they can go in and pull reports as needed.

We accept most major credit cards & debit cards

We are working hard behind the scenes to introduce this feature in the coming weeks! Stay tuned…

Please hire a third party payroll service for your payroll and filing taxes. It is the most cost effective solution for our clients. They are the experts and charge you one low flat fee per month based on how many employees you have. We will enter payroll transactions in QuickBooks and reconcile the books to the payroll reports.

You will be charged a monthly fee

We don’t do any training at this time, however we do have many clients that we guide on proper processes.

For larger clients, a phone quote would be more appropriate.

We understand how important it is to have trust in the company that you hire to manage your private financial information. The privacy of our customers is the utmost importance to us and we won’t share your information with third parties. Any data that we come in contact with will be held in the strictest confidence.

All employees have been vetted and background checks performed.
Your company data is accessed by your assigned bookkeeper, CSM, and the Bookkeeping Manager only.

All company records are kept under lock and key in a secure server encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
All passwords used are strong and unique and we utilize two-step verification whenever possible.

If our agreement ends, we will return all files to you, and/or destroy them.
For accounting files, we use secure third party hosting platforms such as QuickBooks Online.

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